I help creative, mission-driven people—including artists, activists, students, academics, and entrepreneurs from around the world—recognize and overcome the disempowering forces in their work and lives, so that they can boost their productivity and go on to lead more productive and joyful lives.

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Disconnecting Shouldn’t be Radical!

(Excerpted from my book Productivity is Power. The original contains many citations, which are omitted here for brevity's sake.) One of productivity work’s big divides is between those who try to work while connected to the Internet and its many distractions, and those who have figured out that that’s a ...
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Two Great New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year Everyone! I tend to be skeptical of New Year's resolutions, which are often grandiose and built more around impulse than planning. But here are two good ones for 2023: 1) Reduce the time you currently spend on housework, chores, and errands by 25%, investing that time instead ...
paperback and tablet showing cover of Productivity is Power

My New Book on Undergraduate Productivity is Out!

I'm thrilled to announce that my latest book, Productivity is Power: 5 Liberating Practices for College Students, is now out and available at all online and offline bookstores. Productivity is Power is for ALL undergraduates (and college-bound high schoolers), as well as for the parents, faculty, counselors, coaches, tutors, and ...

Next Grub Street Writers Workshops: Saturday September 17 and Friday October 7

My next Grub Street Writers Zoom productivity workshops for all writers will be held on Saturday September 7 and Friday October 7, 10 am - 5 pm Eastern time (w lunch break). Description below; these classes are limited to twelve and almost always fill up so register asap. More info ...

The Heart of Productivity

Just published a summary of my approach to productivity work--you'll find it on the Grub Street Writers blog. If my approach to productivity resonates with you, consider getting one of my books* or taking my next class at Grub. *Reminder that even though my new book Productivity is Power is ...

We’re All Done With Pandemic Shaming!

Happy to report that there's been a swift and strong pushback on the whole "use your pandemic time productively" push. From the meme world... From the New York Times... ...and from J.K. Rowling herself! No quote tweeting, but if you're a 'life coach' who's on here implying people are losers ...