Unfiltered and Unfettered Kindness at the Grassroots Radio Conference

Had a fabulous time, this weekend, at the Grassroots Radio Conference in (itself fabulous) Lowell, MA. I met dozens of radio producers and fellow progressive travelers from around the world – lifelong activists, most of them. The whole event totally psyched me up and recharged my batteries, and reminded me of the critical importance of immersing yourself within a supportive community that shares your values.

The conference also reminded me of the wonderfulness of being progressive. The people I met were so kind and generous: many of the radio producers bought copies of _The Lifelong Activist_ to support me, a progressive author, even though they could have easily requested free review copies from the publisher…and it’s a safe bet that most do not have wads of cash to throw around.

Conservatives can be kind and generous, too, of course – but as Lakoff and others have documented, kindness and generosity are congruent with progressive ideology and ethos, but antithetical to conservativism, which is based on world model infused with danger and scarcity. Conservatives are thus more likely to tend to fear, suspicion and hoarding. For me, it is a much warmer, safer feeling to be around progressives whose kindness flows unfiltered and unfettered from the heart outward.

PS – how does a radio conference differ from all other conferences? Many of the speakers are compelling; everything tends to stay on schedule; and the A/V almost always works – or if it doesn’t work, is fixed instantly. 🙂

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