How Not to Codger

I’m at the age (almost 50!) when many people start to codger, i.e., turn into someone with fixed ideas and narrowed perceptions. A lot of people do it earlier, and some people never do it, remaining youthful until they drop. I’m hoping for that last outcome, and I think I’ll get there, mainly because I hang around with many vibrant young and vibrant older people, and am always open to new learning. Age is a construct, really – a hardening of the mental arteries – and I hope and believe I will feel young forever. (BTW, my real arteries are pretty young, too – thanks, Mom, and thanks, veganism!)

One thing that keeps one young is to partake of the world of youth. I confess that my musical taste peaked sometime in the ‘80s, but I have tried to stay keyed in to various trends of culture and, especially, technology. The world is becoming more technological, and so it’s a good idea to keep track of trends. A good source is the technology section of your local newspaper; but the best stuff is online: I recommend and Just read the headlines if you’re too busy to delve into the articles. And if you’re interested in another topic – be it politics, art, fashion, gardening or something else – you should check out some of the blogs devoted to it. Technology is not only touching all of these worlds directly, but is creating interactive communities around them in which we all participate more or less equally. That’s terrific.

By the way, can I just say that codgering thrives on too much television and housekeeping! So limit your intake of the former and output of the latter.

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