“Walkies is Imminent. Walkies is imminent. Walkies is imminent.”

How do dogs do it?

So I’m sitting around, late this afternoon, finishing a piece of writing. In the back of my mind I’m pondering the question of when I will take the dogs out next. I’m weighing several variables, including:

1) amount of time since last walk (which gave me a 3 hour window, so no imminent action needed);
2) # of hours of sunlight left (1.5 hours);
3) when the SuperBowl starts (we won’t be watching it, but it affects the likelihood of meeting dog friends); and,
4) my own schedule for the rest of the day.

While I’m pondering all this, my dogs, who were formerly snoozing, start bouncing off the walls in joyful anticipation of going out. It’s a carefully orchestrated manipulation – what heartless fiend could refuse such joyful entreaties? – and they are definitely tag teaming me. Mind you, I’m still sitting at my computer, haven’t moved a muscle or done anything, to my knowledge, that would lead them to think that “walkies” is imminent.

So how do they know that it is? Do they sense minute changes in my behavior, changes that even I’m not aware of? Or, do they have some kind of DogSensory Perception?

Or – cue “B” horror movie soundtrack – did _they_ somehow plant the idea for walkies in _my_ mind?

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