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A nice mention of The Lifelong Activist in an article entitled Creating a Balanced and Sustainable Activist Life on . Excerpts:

“You’ve taped flyers to phone poles, raised your voice at a rally, organized a fundraising event, and challenged your uncle at a holiday dinner or two. You consider yourself an activist, and show it in more ways than a couple paltry examples can show. If you’re like most activists, you frequently look within for solutions to a few dilemmas. You might ask: How do I keep my hope and energy up? Where do I find the time to do it all? How do I avoid burnout? Thankfully, there are a growing number of writers who acknowledge these challenges and encourage fulfilling and creative solutions…

“With these beliefs and practices in place, activists can consider some tips for creating a balanced and sustainable activist life. The activist-writer Hillary Rettig wrote a book called The Lifelong Activist that specifically guides progressive activists toward a balanced life. Rettig advises realistic mission, time, fear, and relationship management strategies. She encourage readers to determine what kind of lifestyle they need to be happy, such as part-time or full-time activism, and activism as a hobby or job. She’s adamant that activists be realistic about the amount of money they need for the lifestyle that will make them happy; it’s not virtuous to be a poor anti-capitalist if the stress and lack makes someone miserable. Rettig can help activists think through these issues. Also, readers learn valuable tips on selling and marketing a cause.”

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