ONLINE WORKSHOP (All writers welcome!): The Seven Secrets of the Prolific

Secrets of the Prolific: How to Boost Your Writing Productivity and Overcome Writers Block (online, for ALL writers)
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Date: 8/29/2011 – 9/25/2011
Fee: $25 members / $30 nonmembers
This course offers an easy, convenient and inexpensive learning experience. Twice a week I post a lesson (on time management, coping with perfectionism, coming out as a writer, building a sustainable career path, coping with rejection, etc.) to the group. Some lessons include simple exercises. For the next few days, we discuss the topic both in general, and relative to participants’ individual situations. Participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the nature of their underproductivity, as well as solutions to it.

The discussions are always compassionate and supportive. Every student gets one individual email exchange with me, but most discussions are group, because that benefits everyone and because part of the solution involves “coming out” as an imperfect writer. However, even if you prefer to not actively post, you will still benefit a lot from the class.

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