COHASSET: Overcoming Writer’s Block

Tuesday, May 31 from 7 PM – 8:30PM , Buttonwood Books, Cohasset
Buttonwood Books, Shaws Plaza Route 3A, Cohasset MA 02025, 781-383-2665
Cost: Free (come early for good seat)
Writer’s block isn’t caused by laziness or lack of discipline, but disempowerment. Learn why at Hillary Rettig’s lively workshop, a condensation of her six-week Grub Street class, How to Write a Lot. We’ll talk about how to identify and overcome the major forces that disempower writers, including perfectionism, resource constraints, time constraints, bias and internalized oppression, and exploitation, and you’ll leave with tools and techniques that will help you become more productive immediately. Aimed at all writers, including academic, business, nonprofit and “creative.”

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