Recommended (for Grad Students): Getting What You Came For by Robert Peters

A terrific book that really captures the essence of the challenge and struggle of graduate school. Filled with my favorite kinds of tips – pragmatic ones! Excerpt:

As an undergraduate you were treated more or less as a child. You could do anything short of burning down the administration building and still graduate if your grades were good. Graduate school is more like adolescence. You are now judged by the standards of the adult world and in theory you are considered a junior colleague. Your clothes, your deportment, and faculty perceptions of your seriousness and eagerness to work all create an image that will help determine your future. At the same time, you have little money. You have little status…You must be eager and obliging, for you are very much a junior colleague. Nonetheless, although this social situation can easily make you feel inferior, you must develop self-respect and confidence.


PS – I can’t find Peters’ Website. Anyone know where it is? Thanks!

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