To John Cole: In Defense of the Brontes

Woke up with a burning desire to respond to John Cole’s assault on the Bronte sisters:

250px-Painting_of_Brontë_sistersCharlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre was a thorough attack on the British class system, not to mention sexism. The bestselling book was decried by conservatives who considered it a major force promoting Chartism (universal male suffrage), among other evils.

Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Height’s was a feminist reimagining of Paradise Lost, and far weirder and creepier than Poe.

After enduring an abusive marriage, the protagonist of Anne Bronte’s Tenant of Wildfell Hall DTMFA and lives an independent life as an artist, about 150 years ahead of her time.

The Bronte sisters also lived lives of marginalization and privation, and so I won’t have their work disparaged by a guy who named his cat Zsa Zsa.

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