Overcoming Procrastination So You Have a Chance to Save Someone’s Life

A terrific article by Sargent Janelle Dean about how she overcame procrastination to register as a bone marrow donor. Yes, there was a fear of needles, but after learning more about the procedure she realized it wasn’t so bad. (The donation procedure, not the registry procedure, which is truly painless, involving just a few mouth swabs and some paperwork.)

The whole article is interesting, but I found this compelling:

“Perhaps the most awkward and difficult question to answer, for myself and for others was, “why would you be willing to go through that for a total stranger?”

It took some soul searching to find an answer, but I realized the concept of saving a life often has the sense of immediacy and proximity. Many troops wouldn’t hesitate to come to the aid of a comrade in combat, particularly a close friend in very visible pain and distress. Registering to donate marrow to a stranger is more anonymous and impersonal, but the urgency is still very real.”

I’ll be moving within the next few months, and after I do I will register. Perhaps Dean’s article will inspire you to do the same.

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