Lyrical Guy Embodies Perfectionism (Now With More Hemingway)

Dichotimization is a perfectionist trait!

Dichotimization and hyperbole are also perfectionist traits!

Someone posted an entertainingly macho/perfectionist take on writer’s block. I’m not going to link to the original, in the interests of protecting the misguided, but it does provide us with a valuable teaching moment, displaying as it does such vivid examples of perfectionism as:

Harsh Judgements (“Those who complain about writer’s block are just looking for an excuse to not write.”)

Macho Grandiosity (“There are times when you hit a perfect phrase–just two or three words that sing, that shine in the darkness, that illuminate a dark area where the monsters come from. And when you do find those two or three words that sparkle in the fog of the mundane existence of an everyday routine, you create magic, and life is really worth living all over again.”)

Overidentification With the Work (“Writing is life and life, writing.”)

Hyperbole (“Writing for some of us is just as vital as the blood that runs through our veins.”)

And he illustrates it all with a picture of the patron saint of grandiose machismo, Ernest Hemingway!

Seriously, guy: I’m glad you’re not blocked but give the rest of us a break!

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