Guest Post: Your Power Zone

Second guest post by Linda Marks. Given that, the older I get, the more life seems like a balancing act, the below rings very true. When reading it, bear in mind that procrastination and underproductivity are caused by disempowerment. So, we can infer that moving too far along any of the dimensions Cedar identifies can lead to procrastination. – Hillary

Cedar Barstow of Right Use of Power defines power as “the ability to have an effect.” She underscores the truth that “how we use this ability is the difference between abuse of power and use of power for good.” Cedar has identified four different dimensions with goals that relate to power, each of which has two polarities. When we tend to behave at one extreme or the other, we find ourselves losing power. When we work to find a balanced place in the middle of each continuum, we can live in “the power zone.” Here are the four dimensions Cedar has identified:

  1. Be informed and aware
    The secret to keeping your balance is to find your center!

    The secret to keeping your balance is to find your center!

    Goal: Use power to evolve relationships and situations.
    Polarities: Too little information (which creates information) and Too much information (which creates overwhelm)
    Task: To find and utilize just the right amount of information to make well-thought out decisions.

  2. Be sensitive and compassionate
    Goal: Use power with both heart and strength
    Polarities: Over-focus on self (self-absorption) and Under-focus on self (unconsciousness)
  3. Be connected and accountable
    Goal: Use power to prevent, resolve and repair harm.
    Polarities: Over-responsible (introjection/shame) and Under-responsible (projection/blame)
  4. Be skillful and wise
    Goal: Use power to promote well-being and serve the common good
    Polarities: Over-attached (unable to let go) and Under-attached (unable to hold on)

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