And for those of you who happen not to live in Cleveland :-) …

Don’t forget my upcoming online classes!

ALL writers are invited to take the next two classes, including fiction, nonfiction, academic, nonprofit, business, and “other” writers. Online classes are cheap, convenient, fun, and there’s lots of free parking. 🙂 Plus, you’ll get loads of support and individual attention. – Hillary

Online (Everyone welcome!), May 11 – June 7
Weight Loss for Writers
More info.
Why I’m teaching a course on Weight Loss for Writers

Online, July 6 – August 3
The 7 Secrets of the Prolific
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Procrastination, perfectionism and writer’s block are NOT caused by laziness, lack of discipline or lack of commitment. Rather, they are habits rooted in fear and scarcity – and the great news is that once you start addressing those problems, the procrastination itself is often remarkably easily solved. This lively and interactive workshop by The Seven Secrets of the Prolific author Hillary Rettig will teach you how. First, we’ll characterize the major barriers that inhibit productivity, including perfectionism, resource constraints, time constraints, ineffective writing processes; ambivalence, bias and internalized oppression; unresolved toxic rejections; and disempowering career paths. And then Hillary will give you concrete strategies for resolving them! Expect to finish the workshop empowered and able to write more.

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