Some Awesome Links and See You in Colorado and Missouri!

telluride logoBusy preparing for my Colorado and Missouri trip. As my Facebook friends know—and, by the way, you’re invited to become one—I’ve morphed into a mushroom fanatic since moving to the midwest, and will be attending the Telluride Mushroom Festival. Oh yeah, and I’ll also be giving a bunch of writing-productivity and joyful-activism workshops, and would love to see you at one if you’re in the area. Please check my calendar for dates for these and my upcoming Michigan workshops!

I’ve got some great articles queued up for September, to get us all revved for the new work year. In the meantime, below are some really awesome links. I hope you enjoy them, and please, please, please enjoy the rest of your summer! If you haven’t yet been to the beach or the woods or the mountains, that’s your homework. 🙂

The Links:

Success at any Age

YES! Perfectionists often feel bad about what they perceive to be a lack of life progress—a tendency hugely exacerbated by many societies’ youth fixation. This article offers a welcome correction.

Go (Mid)West (Any-Aged) Man (or Woman)!

Perhaps I’m influenced by my own happy experiences in the midwest, but if I were a person of any age looking to build something nondigital, I would consider moving to Detroit.

How to Live Your Summer Life All Year Long

By moi! One of my favorite of my own articles. Something to consider as summer winds down.

Sympathy versus Empathy

A great short film (only 3 mins), and well worth your time. Narrated by Brene’ Brown.


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