Fan Mail From Novosibirsk

7 secrets russianI was thrilled to get some fan mail from Novosibirsk today:

Hello, miss Rettig! My name is Alexander, I’m writer from Russia. Couple weeks ago I found your book – and it was like a revelation for me. I always want to be a writer. I was started to write seriously three or four times – and always crashed myself down with fears and doubts. In January I started it again, now more seriously than ever, I really worked hard, but in June I started to feel the ghost of defeat again… And then I find your book.

All my fears, all my doubts, all unspoken words about my writing was there! I couldn’t believe it! I was searching for things that you wrote FOR YEARS (it’s true!). Now I have it all in one book on my shelf! Amazing! Procrastination is not defeated, but now I have a deadly weapon for it.
So I just want to say my biggest thanks to you for this book. Here it is: THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH!!!:)

And one more little thanks for preface for the Russian edition;)

Writing is so solitary and it can be easy to forget that your books are out there in the big wide world. So a note like this (from anywhere!) really makes my day.


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