Select 2016 Blog Posts

Below is a list of select blog posts from 2016. Not surprisingly, many were on the topic of how to stay productive and otherwise cope during challenging times.

Also, I want to remind you that coaching is a fun and empowering way to start the new year, and nothing catalyzes progress faster. I take on a few new coaching clients every season, and work especially well with people who like a compassionate, yet direct and efficient, approach. If you think you’d like to work with me please check out my coaching page.

Thanks to everyone who supported me, professionally, personally, and politically, during 2016. We’re in for some challenging times, but we’ll get through them the way we always do: together. Many people in the U.S. and elsewhere have indicated a desire to be more politically active in 2017 and I will be providing tips for doing that in the next newsletter.

What to do When Your Gingerbread House Collapses

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How to Bingo Your Way to Fun Productivity

Inspiring Post-Election Words from Atul Gawande and Gene Sharp

Productivity Tips for a Distracting Time

Six Things to Do if You’re Having Trouble Finishing Your Work

Do You Have a “Room of ReQUIETment?”

On Trying to Write While Sitting in the Midst of the Battle of Hogwarts

An Insanely Simple Tip That Will Make Your Writing Sessions Fly

Beware Post-Summer Situational Perfectionism
(Also good for post-holiday!)

Update! And Why Self-Censorship Doesn’t Work

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