Furball Friday: Billy’s Studio Shots

So, we hired a professional photographer to capture Billy in all his furball glory. I’ve hired a pro for my business, but never personally. The things we do for our dogs!

It was a bit of a splurge – $250 for everything including some prints – but worth every dime. Not only are the pictures amazing, but it was amazing watching her work. She held a can of dog food in front of Billy and let him lick it every once in a while. It was pure intermittent reinforcement like slot machines do, and it drove him into a frenzy. He had to pose at different angles to get his licks in, and she just snapped him a zillion times while he was posing.

Below are some of the shots. Thank you Susan Sabo of Fresh Simple True (who also does a lot of pro bono work to help shelter dogs get adopted) for the amazing work!

First, Billy captured in all his awesome adorableness!










In this shot, he NOSE what’s going on!








And here he is looking like Rocket Racoon!

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